Societal Contribution Policy



Suleyman Demirel University (SDU) is an institution whose vision and mission is to interact with society, give education by prioritizing people, conduct research, provide services and produce solutions. SDU, which has "social, environmental, and aesthetic sensitivity" in its core values, is a university that is aware of its responsibilities to society and has adopted policies in this direction.


From this point of view, SDU aims at the following elements;

- To act with the awareness of local, national, and global society while preparing education-training and research-development plans and programs
- To be able to provide concrete contributions to the society not only in education-training and research-development but also in all its activities, by following today's social needs and expectations
- To contribute to the economic and social development of society
- Contributing to the development of society based on the understanding of continuous education
- To ensure the dissemination of social responsibility awareness with its students and academicians
- While raising qualified manpower, at the same time, to raise individuals who are beneficial to the society
- To make social contribution activities sustainable


In this context, SDU has focused on developing various social contribution activities carried out in all units that carry out education training and research-development activities. SDU aims to educate individuals who can respond to social needs and expectations and produce solutions in theoretical and applied courses. In addition to education training and research-development activities at SDU, the foundation of a contemporary, sustainable, innovative society with higher living conditions is established for students and staff with different units and societies established. Thanks to this awareness to be created, it is aimed to contribute to the society.