Education Policy


SDU education policy is based on the following principles:
To take it as a duty to provide education, research, service, and solutions at international standards by prioritizing people in interaction with the society; to give inspiration and direction by producing knowledge, art, technology, and service on a universal scale.

In this context, education policy;

- Aiming to be the leading force in cooperation with the stakeholders of the region and the country, aiming for qualified education and training with the strong educational infrastructure of our university
- Meeting the needs of society and industry, supporting lifelong and new types of learning, responding to regional and national/international needs with agility, and contributing to science
- Providing effective vocational education by dynamically providing digital transformation and integration in education with a student-centered understanding and innovative learning/teaching approaches, updating the education program, reinforcing education with stakeholder contributions
- Providing and maintaining the accreditation of training programs
- To create an education system that increases and improves program diversity through national and international collaborations and to ensure its continuous development