Internationalization Policy



Süleyman Demirel University (SDU); is a university whose mission is to provide education, research, service, and produce solutions at international standards by interacting with the society, putting people first, and its vision is to be a university that inspires and guides by producing information, technology, and services on a universal scale. Adopting a universal-based approach due to its mission and vision, SDU builds its strategies on universality. As a result of this, internationalization has become one of the priorities of SDU, and studies are carried out on planning, implementations, and ensuring their continuity in this field.


In this context, SDU has adopted the following elements as its internationalization policy;


- To provide education and training with an international perspective, to train people not only on a national basis but at a universal level due to the requirements of the age
- To move research and development activities beyond the national level to the international level
- To focus on international cooperation and to host international events in order to increase the recognition of our university and our country in the international arena
- To follow approaches that encourage the orientation of students and academics to international fields
- To expand international networks in terms of students, employees, research, and education
- To raise our university among the preferred universities for international academics and students
- To continuously improve foreign language education in order to encourage the language learning of our academics and students
- Bringing a global quality to the education given, including summer schools
- To give importance to activities related to undergraduate and graduate student unions such as Eurodoc
- Interacting with refugee academics and students