Quality Policy



Suleyman Demirel University, which strives to make everything better than the previous one, with the desire to catch the best; in accordance with its vision and mission, takes it as a duty to provide education, research, service, and produce solutions at international standards, by prioritizing people, in interaction with the society. SDU is a university that inspires and directs by producing knowledge, art, technology, and service on a universal scale.


While determining the Süleyman Demirel University Quality Policy, the following elements were taken as a basis;

- Creating a culture that can offer better education
- To create a better research environment
- Increasing managerial efficiency with better processes
- To engage in society-oriented activities for a better society


In this context, Süleyman Demirel University has adopted the following elements as a Quality Policy;

- To support the lifelong and new type of learning of students and academics in education by offering a versatile, technological, innovative, dynamic, and contemporary education system focused on learning and research
- To produce solutions to human needs in regional, local, national, and global sense
- To realize technological investments that will contribute to science with its research and development infrastructure
- To increase the quality and quantity of national and international projects
- To contribute to the development of society in the fields of health, sports, social, cultural, education, and environment
- Observing social equality with services for disadvantaged groups
- To lead qualified studies, especially in the pharmaceutical, health, good life, natural products, and cosmetics sectors, for local and regional, then national and international needs
- To take care to meet the needs of students and academicians for quality education and research, as well as social, cultural, and sports activities
- To carry out education training, research development, social contribution, and management activities by including all its stakeholders in its processes
- To provide consultancy to the students and give them the right to speak after they graduate
- Establishing an institutional quality culture in all units of the institution, taking into account the institutional performance
- To record the local cultural heritage and regional memory based on sharing with the society
- To increase the recognition of the region and itself with national and global quality education and research infrastructure